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Heartworm Control Pet Medication

Heartworm is a parasite which is readily spread by infected mosquitoes to both dogs and cats. It is a potentially fatal disease but fortunately can be easily prevented through the use of heartworm control products. Heartworm control pet meds are considered essential in any area with an endemic mosquito population.

Preventing your pet from being bitten by mosquitoes provides a significant challenge to pet owners. Any procedures which are implemented which can reduce the number of mosquitoes in your immediate environment will definitely contribute beneficially to reducing the risk of heartworm infection. Ensuring there are no areas of stagnant water in your environs and using animal mosquito repellents will be beneficial. However, mosquito control alone will not provide adequate protection from the potential for heartworm infection.

When to Use Heartworm Medications

Numerous wormer preventative medications are available to help prevent heartworm infection from affecting your dog or cat, even if they are bitten by an infected mosquito. For full effectiveness of any product, it is essential that owners understand the manufacturer's instructions for dosage and follow them exactly. Most products come with simple dosage charts, and provided the dose is given regularly at the appropriate interval, they generally provide very high levels of protection against heartworm infection. Continual, uninterrupted treatment is required throughout the entire mosquito season and annually in some areas.

Types of Heartworm Control Pet Medications Available

Heartworm treatment and preventative pet medications are available with daily, monthly or annual dosing regimes. These pet medications can come as tablets, chewables, spot-ons and injections. The method of dosing and the dosing intervals vary between products.

Popular choices for many owners are the monthly spot-on products. Many such pet med products also incorporate protection against numerous other dog and cat parasites. Heartworm can be a serious and even fatal condition in dogs and cats. Appropriate heartworm control is essential to the ongoing health and longevity of pets in areas with endemic mosquito populations.