Proheart Tablets

Proheart Tablets kill the larval stages of heartworm when they are migrating beneath the skin, before they have a chance to grow to adult parasites. A regular monthly treatment with Proheart eliminates developing parasites acquired from infestations during the previous month.



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Product Detail: Proheart Tablets

Proheart Heartworm Tablets for Dogs

ProHeart tablets prevent heartworm infection; they are not a treatment for existing heartworm disease. Before starting any preventative program, including monthly administration of ProHeart tablets, it is recommended that dogs are checked for heartworm infection. This is to safeguard their own health and to avoid them acting as a reservoir of infection for other dogs.

ProHeart tablets have a wide margin of safety when used as directed and may be used in all breeds of dogs, including collies, stud dogs and breeding females. They may be used in puppies from 4 weeks of age onwards.

Dosage and Administration: Dose one tablet of the correct weight range for your dog once monthly.

Product contains: MOXIDECTIN

Storage: Store below 30 deg. C (room temperature). Protect from direct sunlight.

Manufacturer: Fort Dodge

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Heartworm made easy
Jun 20, 2011

Having a Pure-bred Border Collie I was so worried as they are very sensitive to different medications. When started my dog on Proheart, I was so thrilled, so easy to administer and only once a month. No adverse reaction or vomiting. I'd recommend this product to every-one. Heartworm prevention at a great price.