Interceptor Spectrum Chews

  • Interceptor Spectrum Chews are given just once a month to prevent heartworm infection in your dog.
  • A reliable way of controlling roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm also.
  • Tasty chews go down a treat!

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Style Number: NVA-OHW-00017-CONFIG

Product Detail: Interceptor Spectrum Chews

Interceptor Spectrum for Dogs

Dogs should be tested and be free from both adult heartworm and microfilariae before starting on preventative treatment with Interceptor Spectrum Chews. In rare cases, mild, transient, shock-like reactions have occurred in heartworm-positive dogs with a high number of microfilariae in the blood.

On rare occasions, reactions such as vomiting, diarrhoea, depression/lethargy and itching have been seen in treated dogs. If this product is overdosed, transient unsteadiness, trembling, depression, salivation and enlarged pupils may occur for up to approximately 24 hours.

This product may be used in pregnant females, breeding males and females, and puppies from 2 weeks of age.


Storage: Store below 25 deg. C (air conditioning), away from direct sunlight.

Manufacturer: Novartis Animal Health Australasia Pty Limited

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One dog yes, the other no.
Feb 26, 2015

Find it funny that one dog gobbles chew down but the other won't have a bar of it. Knows if its hidden in food so has to be pushed down throat ! ( in halves) This dog is not fussy with any other food .....maybe a super tasty product for fussy eaters could be developed ..... :)

Dec 16, 2014

I like this product because of the ease of use. My dog loves eating the chew making it easy to administer, and have no issues with any kind of worms etc. I feel at ease knowing my pet is protected from all these infections, and the cost is less than other brands making it more affordable.

Response re Trixan experience
Dec 14, 2014

Hi, just like to say how easy and convenient it is to place and receive orders of products for my doggie pal.

Tasty chews and fast delivery
Nov 17, 2014

So easy to keep my 2 dogs heartwormed. Both dogs love the taste, even the fussy eater. When I forget to check the box and don't have enough for the next dose date, I know I can go online, order and they will be here within 3-5 days at a great price.

Heartworm made easy
Nov 13, 2014

My dog starts wagging his tail when he sees me getting the pack out of the cupboard and is disappointed he only gets one. Easiest medication I have ever had to give an animal and it works effectively.