Halti Head Collar

  • Offers a painless, highly effective way to stop dog from pulling, lunging and jumping.
  • Has a safe loop that attaches to a regular collar which prevents dogs from getting off the lead if the head collar accidentally slips off.
  • Has an adjustable restraint strap with a quick clip closure for easy fitting.

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Style Number: HTA-ALH-00001-CONFIG

Product Detail: Halti Head Collar

The Halti Head Collar is a kinder way to walk your dog and remain in control. The Halti will allow you to lead your pet by the head to reduce pulling and calm boisterous behaviour quickly and gently. When dogs pull with a Halti fitted, the pulling action causes the Halti to gently close the dog’s mouth a?? an action which dogs do not like a?? and results in them quickly co-operating. But the Halti still allows dogs to pant and yawn, only applying pressure to close the mouth when a dog is disobedient and pulling.

With a safety loop that attaches to a regular collar, the Halti prevents dogs from getting off the lead if the head collar accidentally slips off. The restraint’s strap behind the ears is adjustable with a quick clip closure for easy fitting.

Halti Headcollar is ideal for dog owners who do not want to use a choke collar on their pets. The headcollar is made of lightweight nylon, with a neoprene noseband, for maximum comfort. Available in black, red and blue, this dog harness comes in five sizes to suit all sizes of dogs:

Manufacturer: Kramar

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I heart my Halti head-collar!
Written by Konan
Nov 11, 2014

?This product appeared in my household about 8 months ago. At first I didn?t like it, because I couldn?t pull and drag my human around like I used to, but I go on more walks now so I think the Halti must be magical. Plus, the money my human saves on shoulder physio goes towards more treats for me!? Konan - German Shepherd - Age 7 and a half

Aug 28, 2011

I bought this a couple of months ago for my 12 month old Bull Arab cross cattle dog. She was impossible to walk; always pulled us (more dragged). As soon as the halter went on she started to walk better, understanding that if she didn't do what i wanted it would shut her mouth and pull her head around which she did not like. She now walks at my pace (or should I say my 2 yr olds pace) and never pulls! Its so easy to put on too. Cant recommend this product highly enough!