Capstar Flea Tablets

  • Rapid-kill flea product.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Sentinel Spectrum or Program products.
  • Available in tablet form for dogs and cat.



Style Number: C1550-CONFIG

Product Detail: Capstar Flea Tablets


Capstar is an oral medication used as a rapid-kill flea product. It is given once per day on any day that fleas are visible on a dog or cat. Each Capstar dose is not effective beyond a 24 hour period so it is best use in conjunction with Sentinel Spectrum or Program flea control products for best long-term flea control.

Capstar can be used in puppies and kittens after 4 weeks of age.

Capstar is made by Novartis Animal Health Australasia Pty Ltd.

How to use the product

Capstar is given orally with or without food and the dose can be repeated on any subsequent day when fleas are evident on the animal. No more than 1 dose per day can be given.


Capstar is available in 2 sizes.

Tips and tricks

Animals which do not tolerate oral dosing may best be managed by having an assistant help restrain the animal whilst the dose is given.

Cats must have their paws/claws held well away from the person attempting to dose them to prevent scratching.

Dogs may attempt to back away from the owner whilst dosing is occurring so having another person hold the dog still or distract the animal may assist.

Tablets need to be placed centrally at the back of the oral cavity for best dosing procedure and the oral cavity held closed and the underside of the throat stroked after dosing to aid in swallowing.

Animals should be observed immediately after dosing to ensure they do not spit out the tablet. Hiding the medication in food can be variably effective as some animals are masters at sniffing the tablet out.

Active ingredients

The active ingredient in Capstar is Nitenpyram at 11.4mg and 57mg according to tablet size.

Nitenpyram interferes with the normal nerve transmission in the insect, leading death of the targeted insect.

Contraindications and warnings

Not to be given to puppies or kittens under 4 weeks of age.

Animals may scratch more for the first hour after administration due to the effects of the product on the fleas.

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Flea Genocide
Written by Josie
Feb 17, 2015

I had a lot of trouble getting rid of fleas once & for all. It always seemed as though as soon as I thought I was winning the war another flea army would descend upon us. I used the Capstar tabs in conjunction with ongoing monthly Sentinel treatments & finally those fleas met their Waterloo. It was a flea genocide. No problems since :D

A Real Winner
Jul 18, 2011

I tried so many products to rid my big boy and his two little sisters of their fleas at the same time. Until I tried Capstar! One tablet each and pow the next day not a flea in sight. Wonderful!!! Relief for kitties and Mum.

Capstar is the Cure
Jun 19, 2011

Capstar has to be the best product for eliminating fleas immediately on your dog. We use flea treatments and sometimes when at the dog park our dogs can come home with fleas we notice a few days later and are hard to control. One capstar tablet in their food and within hours our pets are flea free and ready for their bath. I would recommend and have done so to everyone who wants their furry friend to be comfortable, clean and flea free!

Capstar = amazing
Jun 06, 2011

I recently adopted a rescue cat (and her fleas) and was battling to control her flea infestation! My mum suggested Capstar and I was amazed at the results - I stopped counting at 50 dead fleas after just one pill! Thank you Capstar and Trixan Pets :-)

extra safe
Mar 13, 2011

I give capstar inthe spring time for added safety so Anni my best friend is safe from fleas. I have to give her a treat with this tablet otherwise she will not take it. but she is a happy dog and only deserves the best

Can't be beaten
Mar 04, 2011

After using Advantage the first time i was more then happy to purchase it again. It worked the first time and i was so very happy with the result as were my 3 dog's and my cat. Couldn't be happier!!!

Feb 11, 2011

exellent fast acting flea treatment,literally see the fleas fall of your animal right before your eyes.Best product on the market I have ever used,nothing else works like CAPSTAR. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED