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9 Styles Found  

Rubber Dog Toys

Boredom can be a HUGE problem for many owners of puppies and adult dogs. Why? Bored dogs bark, dig, destroy things, chew things and generally get up to lots of mischief in an attempt to gain attention and/or entertain themselves. Dogs which consistently behave in this manner may be at risk of escape from the premises, being abandoned or given up to a homeless shelter. Owners need to be fully aware of the temperament and attention and exercise needs of any dog they wish to have as a pet so they can adequately prepare themselves to provide enough physical and mental stimulation for their pet according to its individual needs.

Dogs are social creatures so will require a reasonable amount of time in contact with humans. This can include walking, playing dog games such as fetch, dog grooming, patting or any activity which promotes contact. Naturally there will be times when the animal will need to be left alone and these are the times when boredom may arise. Providing your dog with mentally and physically stimulating dog toys will help reduce the boredom encountered by your dog and hopefully prevent or reduce any inappropriate behaviour.

Dog Toys to Combat Boredom

Provision of rubber dog toys which are designed to withstand excessive chewing can certainly be useful in combating boredom. Providing an appropriate outlet for chewing in a bored dog or even in a teething puppy is easy. Many of these dog toys incorporate a second element which requires the dog to be active and use its mental abilities as well ¿ treat toys. Rubber dog toys which can hold treats and only dispense them when the dog toy is rolled or moved can provide stimulation for a dog for extended periods of time. Each time the pet is rewarded by a dog treat falling out of the toy he is excited about trying again. The Kong dog toys are well-known for their longevity with the toughest chewers.

It is important to remember that boredom busting dog toys are not a substitute for human interaction, just an adjunctive measure to entertain the animal whilst an owner is unavailable for a short period of time. Dogs often get bored of their dog toys. It is suggested that all dog toys, including the rubber toys be rotated so that they are changed regularly to maintain the animal¿s interest. Any treats used in treat toys should be considered against the total caloric intake of the dog for the day so as not to promote excessive weight gain.