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Tick & Flea Control for Dogs

Fleas and ticks are external parasites which readily infest dogs and cats. Ticks can be life threatening and fleas can be highly irritating for an infested animal, as well as carrying and transmitting parasite-borne disease to your pet. Heavy flea burdens in young kittens and puppies can cause severe life-threatening anaemia. Providing effective tick and flea control for dogs is therefore an integral component of ensuring maximal health care for your pet.

The juvenile stages of fleas live in the environment, with adult fleas attaching to pets once fully developed. These adults then lay eggs which drop off the animal and into the environment, thus keeping the flea life-cycle going. These eggs and juvenile stages in the environment can account for up to 95% of the potential flea population and must be targeted in a comprehensive program of flea control for dogs.

The Need for Tick and Flea Control for Dogs

The need for tick and flea control for dogs is not always obvious as ticks can be hard to see, and flea infestation can be mild to severe. The degree of irritation experienced by the animal will vary according to each animal's individual sensitivities but fleas will be quite irritating regardless of infestation severity. The irritation can result in scratching, rubbing against solid objects and self biting, resulting in skin damage and skin infection. Some animals will have a hypersensitivity to flea saliva, thus resulting in a flea allergy dermatitis, which causes severe irritation and self damaging behaviours by the animal. This secondary self damage can be avoided by ensuring adequate flea control for dogs is employed year round.

Tick and flea control for dogs is therefore vital and can be life-saving for your pets.

Adequate flea control for dogs can only be attained if vigilant environmental controls are used in conjunction with flea control pet medication used on the animal.

How to Choose the Right Flea Control for Dogs

There is a vast array of tick and flea control for dogs pet med products available. Significant differences exist both in terms of the manner in which they are administered and in the degree of effectiveness of the products. Some tick and flea control for dogs pet medications will interfere with the reproductive cycle of the fleas; others will kill the adult fleas, whilst still others will kill not just the adult fleas but affect the development of juvenile stages in the immediate environment. The length of the residual effect of the product is another important consideration for owners trying to treat or prevent infestation of their animals. Flea control for dogs products administered to pets come as tablets, oral pastes, monthly spot-ons, injections, powders, flea collars, sprays and shampoos.

Environmental Flea Control for Dogs

Environmental control can be achieved through washing bedding thoroughly and regularly in hot water; use of flea bombs and foggers in internal environments; removing dense foliage, long grass and sand where flea eggs may develop outside; thorough and regular vacuuming of carpets and floorboards; the use of external parasiticides; and ensuring that all animals within a household are on appropriate flea treatment pet med products.

Flea control involves a multi-faceted approach aimed at eliminating both the adult fleas on the animal and the juvenile stages in the animal's environment. The right tick and flea control for dogs pet meds are essential to ensuring your dog is comfortable and happy.