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4 Styles Found  

Pet Supplies for Travel with Dogs

Have you ever been out for the day or gone on holiday and wondered just how you were going to keep your gorgeous pooch contained in one area? Well Trixan Pet has the answer with their range of pet carriers, crates and travel bags.

A stylish pet carrier such as a pet bag can make any trip to the shops or caf a breeze. Pet carriers need to be made of sturdy construction, be easy to clean and have space to carry all your essential pet supplies which might be needed whilst out-and-about. Pet carriers must provide adequate ventilation for your pet and provide ample space for your pet's comfort. Whilst a pet carrier or dog carrier such as a pet bag may not be an essential on everyone's pet supplies list, it can be an extremely useful product for those who like to take their pooch out with them for the day. Owners should however pay attention to the regulations in place in their local area before taking dogs to public places such as shops, cafes and public transport when using a pet carrier.

Pet Carriers for Dog Training

For owners who are trying to train their puppy or give their dog a safe restricted area to rest calmly, the addition of a dog crate to their essential dog supplies list is recommended. Dog crates are available in several sizes and provide a fully enclosed area for a dog to be isolated for a short period of time. The use of dog crates when training dogs is well documented. Dog crates are also useful for restraining boisterous animals when visitors first arrive so they can get acclimatised to the new people and sounds visiting their home. If purchasing a dog crate for your pet, ensure that you purchase the appropriate size for your dog so that the animal has room to stand and turn around comfortably.

Travelling with Portable Pet Supplies

Owners who travel frequently with their dog may benefit from the purchase of a portable dog travel crate. Many dog supplies are not suitable for use when travelling due to their bulk; however portable dog crates provide an easy fold-down option for travellers to take with them. They can provide a safe enclosed area for your pet to sleep when staying in unfamiliar surrounds. These types of crates need to be made of a durable, easy to wash material and be strong and reinforced to ensure they can withstand the rigors of travel. Portable dog crates are also a useful product to take on picnics and days out as they provide the dog with a safe restrained area to rest without needing to be tethered on a lead.

Dog supplies such as dog carriers, crates and travel crates are useful additions to homes which like to take their pets with them on day trips, holidays or other outings. Consider buying one today.