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26 Styles Found  
26 Styles Found  

Pet Accessories: Dog Leads

All dogs need regular exercise. Walking is a popular form of exercise shared between owners and their dogs. All dogs in public places should be under the effective control of an owner and unless otherwise noted should be on a dog lead.

A dog lead is an essential component of the pet supplies required by a dog owner.

How to Choose the Right Dog Lead

Dog leads come in a variety of colours, a variety of lengths and a variety of styles. Owners first and foremost need to ensure that the dog lead they choose is of sturdy construction and strong enough to withstand the pull of their animal. Dog leads constructed of leather or high quality nylon materials tend to meet these requirements.

Dog leads are also available in a variety of widths. It is important to ensure that the width of the dog lead is such that the lead will provide enough strength to counteract the strength your animal. Many styles of dog leads will come in a variety of sizes, according to the width and strength, and will often note what type of dog the lead is suitable for. A sudden pull by a large dog distracted or excited by a passing item or other animal of interest may snap an unsuitable dog lead.

Dog leads should also have a comfortable handle for the owner to hold on to. The handle needs to be placed over the wrist and held in the palm of the hand. Comfort grip handles can make the experience of walking a dog much more enjoyable.

A dog lead, or dog leash, is designed to attach easily to a pet collar or dog harness. The dog lead should be long enough to allow the animal to walk comfortably beside the owner, but short enough to allow adequate control to be exerted by the owner. Whilst many dog leads are of a set length, some provide variations in the length achievable. For example retractable dog leads allow the owner to alter the length of the dog lead throughout the walk. Dog leads such as the Kakadu Pet Springer Lead absorb sudden strain and movements from dogs attempting to run in the opposite direction.

Dog Leads: Set for Style

Once an owner has decided on a type of dog lead, the choices of colour and style can be endless. This is where an owner can show their flair and style by fashioning a look unique for their pet. Many dog leads also have matching collars available for a complete look. Trixan Pet online pet supplies store stocks a vast array of stylish dog leads and pet collars suitable for even the most fastidious buyer.

And remember, dogs do not naturally know how to walk on a dog lead. Owners should spend some time training their dog to walk appropriately on a dog lead prior to tackling the great outdoors with them .This can greatly enhance the dog walking experience for both the owner and the pet.