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32 Styles Found  

Buying Pet Collars for Dogs

Pet collars are worn around the neck and serve several purposes. Collars generally have a loop which allows for the attachment of a lead. Neck collars worn by animals provide an excellent position to attach identification tags and registration tags.

Pet collars are usually made of leather or strong nylon material. They ideally need to be of sturdy construction and long lasting.

Fitting a Pet Collar

All pet collars should be fitted properly. They come in many sizes, thus catering for most breeds. The collar should fit comfortably around the animal's neck without restricting breathing and should not be able to be slipped over the animal's head whilst done up. Too tight a collar may restrict the animal's breathing or cause skin irritation or infection to develop; too loose a collar may slip over the animal's head and be lost; the animal itself may become lost if it slips its collar during a walk if attached to a leash. Therefore correct fitting is essential.

Considerations When Choosing a Pet Collar

In dogs which are well trained and walk well on a lead, attaching the lead to the pet collar may provide enough control whilst on walks. However for many dogs that do not walk well on a leash, pull at the leash or attempt to slip their collar, other products may work best when on walks. The use of a limited slip-collar (tightening collar), a halti or a body harness may be more appropriate for these animals when walking. Regardless, these animals should still wear a pet collar with identification attached at all times.

Pet collars come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Owners and their pets can make quite a fashion statement with their choice of collar, which can also be co-ordinated with their leash or their walking jacket in cooler weather. Collars can readily be changed to reflect changes in fashion or simply for a change between seasons.