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3 Styles Found  

Dog Coats and Dog Clothes

Who has the most stylish dog in town? Owners who fit out their pooch in the latest in doggy fashion! There are a great variety of dog coats and dog clothes now available to create a stylish wardrobe of their very own.

Dog coats and dog clothes serve a functional need for dogs and also allows owners to express their individuality by styling their best friend in the latest fashion statements. Pet supplies don't have to end with just the basic pet bowls, tick and flea control and dog food; let your dog step out in style in a gorgeous dog coat or dog clothing.

Do Dogs Need Dog Coats or Dog Clothes?

Nature provides dogs with very effective hair coats to cope with the elements experienced within the environment in which they live. However their comfort level can be maximised by providing dog coats to provide additional warmth and comfort, or to protect them from the rain or snow. Cosy shower proof dog coat jackets can allow owners to feel more comfortable walking their beloved pet in inclement weather without worrying about the animal becoming too uncomfortable or wet. Similarly many owners who by necessity need to leave their pet outdoors in cooler weather may like to keep their pooch more comfortable with a thick woolly dog coat to reduce the impact of cold winds. Adding a dog coat or dog clothes to your essential dog supplies list may be necessary under such circumstances.

Here at Trixan Pet, we have a wide range of pet supplies including dog coats and dog clothes to suit every dog regardless of size. Owners with more than one dog in their household can style their dog clothes to match each other or differently as an expression of each animal's individual personality! Dog coats and dog clothes are easy to put on your dog and are generally well tolerated by the animals. They should be washed regularly and allowed to dry thoroughly between washes.

Matching Dog Coats, Dog Clothes and Dog Accessories

Matching all your dog supplies such as your dog lead, dog collar and dog clothing is simple at Trixan Pet, your one-stop online pet supplies shop.

Dog apparel comes in a HUGE range of colours, sizes and varieties so every fashion need of a pet and its owner can be met. Imagine making a stunning impact with a different doggy fashion to match the owner's attire every day of the week! Your social little pooch will be the talk of the town!

Jackets, sports suits, hooded tops, raincoats ......... the possibilities for your dog clothes wardrobe are endless!