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The Importance of a Dog Bed

It is important for owners to establish clear and concrete rules regarding where their dog is to sleep from the moment they acquire a new dog. It is suggested that dogs have their own quiet place to sleep, not in a family members bed, and that a specific dog bed be provided for the animal. Dogs like to have their own territory and a dog bed over time becomes a daily retreat for your pet.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Bed

A dog may have more than one bed. It is reasonable to provide a sleeping area indoors for night time or day lounging, and an outdoor sleeping area for when the animal is restricted to outside. Either way, there are a few things to consider when choosing a dog bed for either a new dog or an older animal requiring a bed upgrade:

Comfort: the pet bed should provide adequate support and comfort for the dog. Many plush fabrics are available and used on dog bedding.

Ease of access: the bedding should be easy for the animal to get in and out of. For example, older dogs may not be able to step up very high onto a highly elevated pet cot.

Washable: For optimal hygiene, the pet bed should be easy to wash, be entirely machine washable or have a removable washable cover.

Sturdy: any pet bed which is elevated must be of strong, durable construction.

Portable: owners who travel with their pets may desire a portable travel cot style of bed.

Size: the pet bed should be of sufficient size to allow the animal to comfortably sleep, stretch out and turn over, whilst still providing a warm, snug atmosphere.

The choice of whether to have individual pet beds for each animal in the home will depend upon the temperaments of the individual dogs, their relationship and the preferences of the owners.

Dog Bed Hygiene

The hygiene of the sleeping area is very important to the well being of the dog. All pet beds need to be washed or thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. For dogs that use their bedding extensively, having a spare bed cover or dog blanket to use while the dirty one is being cleaned is suggested. Some beds have a 'replacement cover' which is advisable to buy at the same time as the new dog bed for this reason. If an animal is ill or dirties their bedding, it should be cleaned immediately.

Environmental flea control such as vacuuming and spraying should also focus on the dog bedding area as flea eggs can be shed into the bedding and hatch to re-infest the animal with adult fleas.

Dog beds are available in a broad range of styles and fashion colours to fit in with almost any decor in the home. They can be stylish and yet functional and allow your dog to rest in comfort in a main area of the house.