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102 Styles Found  

Pet Accessories for Dogs

When starting out with a new dog, owners will need to set themselves up with some essential pet supplies for dogs. Trixan Pet offers a wide range of pet accessories specifically for dogs and offers value for money and convenience by having them all delivered directly to your door.

The standard essential pet supplies an owner will require, beyond dog food and pet medications, include a dog bed, dog bowls, a dog collar and dog lead. Optional pet accessories may include dog coats and apparel to keep your pooch warm and stylish during cooler weather.

When searching for the right pet supplies for your dog, Trixan Pet offers a wide choice of stylish and functional products.

Pet Supplies - Dog Bowls and Dog Beds

Dog bowls should be purchased which are an appropriate size for the animal being fed, which do not tip over or spill easily, are easy to clean and which meet the pet's individual needs. Single bowls, dual feeder bowls, feed balls which require effort to extract the food and slow-feeder bowls for dogs which gulp their food are all available at Trixan Pet. Whilst a single side bowl may be adequate for one dog, a slow feeder bowl may be an essential part of the pet supplies required for a dog prone to gulping its food and developing gastric dilation/volvulus. This is where Trixan Pet can offer pet supplies specific for your dog's individual needs. It is recommended that each dog be fed from a separate bowl to prevent fighting and ensure an appropriate distribution of food to all dogs at feed times. Owners can search the pet accessories pages for stylish bowls that express their own dog's individuality. A separate bowl of fresh clean water should be available at all times, preferably in a difficult to tip or stabilised bowl.

Another essential component of owner's pet accessories purchases should be a dog bed. Trixan Pet offers a range of different types of dog beds in a range of stylish colours. Providing your dog with its own quiet place to relax and sleep is highly recommended. Dog beds should be comfortable, easy to wash and easy for the dog to get into. Plush comfortable beds may suit one animal whilst a slightly elevated bed may better suit a different animal. Owners should take into consideration their dog's individual needs when purchasing a dog bed. If the portability of the dog bed is important, Trixan Pet can offer products to suit.

Pet Accessories - Dog Collars and Dog Clean Up

Dog collars are recommended for all dogs. A dog collar with a pet tag stating the contact details of the owner can help in the rapid return of your pet should it ever wander or become lost. Dog collars are available in a range of fashion colours and in many cases owners can often purchase a matching dog lead. It is law in many areas that any dog walking in public places be on a leash. Thus dog collars and pet leads are essential pet accessories for any dog taken walking in public places. Dog harnesses for walking are also available.

One area of dog ownership which some owners might overlook when first purchasing their pet supplies is the area of cleaning up. To aid in the efficient removal of dog waste from gardens, a poop scoop or poop spade becomes an essential pet supply product. Also with laws in place regarding cleaning up after your dog when walking in public places, the purchase of poop bags is recommended. Poop bags are useful pet supplies to have on hand and can often be attached in a roll to a lead or carried in a dog walking bag. Very useful indeed!

The list of pet accessories available for dogs is endless. Owners should however always purchase quality products which are designed specifically for dogs to ensure that their dog will be receiving the best possible care or protection from the product.