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Dog Supplies

All dog owners want to know that every need of their precious pet is being met appropriately. At Trixan Pet, owners can be assured that all of their dog supplies can be found in one easy place.

The list of dog supplies needed to set up for a dog may seem endless to a new pet owner, but once set up owners realise just how important every pet supply is to the overall comfort, safety and health of their precious dog.

So what types of pet supplies does an owner need for their precious pooch? This depends on the size and breed of dog, the age of the puppy or dog and the number of dogs in the household.

Dog Supplies Checklist

A starting list of necessary pet supplies for a dog include: a dog bowl, dog food, pet bed, grooming products such as pet brushes and dog shampoo, dog collar and dog lead and specific pet medications to treat and prevent illness and infections.

Dog bowls need to be provided that meet a few specific criteria. Dog bowls should be an appropriate size for the breed, they should be sturdy and not easy to flip over and they should be easy to clean. Dog bowls are available in a myriad of sizes, colours and patterns so owners can express their own individuality, and that of their pet, with their choice of design. Dogs must always have access to adequate fresh clean water. A dog bowl which cannot be turned over and the water spilled is recommended.

Pet supplies stores seem to provide an endless variety of dog food options for owners to choose from. Dogs need to be provided with an appropriate amount of high quality dog food at each meal. The dog food chosen should be made specifically for the life stage of the animal being fed. Trixan Pet supplies dog food to meet the needs of all life stages of your pet.

Pet Supplies for Safety

Some pet supplies are vital to own for the safety of your pet. All dogs should wear a dog collar with a pet tag stating the owner's contact details. If lost, your dog has a much greater chance of being returned to you if they can be quickly identified. When walking dogs in public places they should always be restrained on a dog leash. This ensures they do not wander and end up lost or injured by a passing motor vehicle and the like. It also helps ensure the safety and comfort of others walking in the same area. Restraining a dog on a dog lead when in public places is a law in many areas. Dog supplies available for leads and dog collars are endless and offer a vast array of stylish colours and patterns. Some also offer added safety benefits such as reflective panels for night walking.

Other essential pet supplies for the safety of your pet include dog crates, travel cages and travelling seat belt dog harnesses. Any dog which is transported in a motor vehicle must be safely restrained.

Dog Supplies for Comfort

At Trixan Pet, in our Dog Supplies section, we provide a large offering of stylish and comfortable bedding for your pampered pooch. Dog beds should be comfortable for the dog, appropriate for its size and easy to clean. Having their own dog bed provides an animal with a space of their own and when trained to stay there eliminates the problem of them bed-hopping between family members during the night. Don't forget a nice warm dog coat for walking on those cold winter mornings or evenings as well.

Some of the most important dog supplies which should always be readily on hand are pet medications. Dogs will require regular worming, flea treatment and heartworm prevention. These products should be bought ahead of time to ensure that no doses are skipped.

Owners should also have dog shampoos, dog brushes and other appropriate dog grooming aids to keep their pet clean, fresh and looking their best. Shampoos made for humans are not appropriate for use on dogs and a good dog shampoo should be purchased.

So whilst the list of necessary and optional dog supplies may seem endless, your pampered pooch will have the best chance of a safe, healthy and comfortable day-to-day life if owners stock up on a few of these essentials. Trixan Pet can make this easy by delivering all your pet supplies directly to your door.