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13 Styles Found  

Cat Toys

Cats are amazing creatures. They are agile, intelligent and patient when stalking something. Cats therefore need to be stimulated on many levels by their toys. Provision of cat toys which move, can be thrown by the cat and can be stalked are enjoyed greatly by most cats, as are cat toys which look and feel like their natural prey - mice and rats.

Whilst most outdoor cats will be suitably stimulated by nature whilst outside, indoor cats and cats which are housed indoors at night will need to have stimulating cat toys provided for them. These cat toys should be changed regularly and rotated so that the animal does not lose interest in the toy. Cat trees are a great option for cats who like to climb and scratch, without ruining your furniture.

Many cat toys contain catnip which attracts cats to the toy, or you can add catnip yourself which is available from most pet supplies stores or better still you can buy pet supplies online.

Recommended Cat Toys

Care needs to be taken when choosing toys for your cat. Although many cats will play with just about anything they can find, and many owners are aware of the potential enjoyment their cat may experience from a ball of wool, many dangers lurk in normal households for cats. For example, string-like toys such as wool can become caught in a cat's digestive system. This condition is known as a linear foreign body. Linear foreign bodies are potentially life threatening as the body tries to expel the string-like object out through the digestive tract but this action causes the intestines to bunch up and the string can then potentially slice through the intestines. Therefore owners should only provide toys for cats which are specifically manufactured for cats and made by a reputable manufacturer. Cat toys should also be checked regularly for fraying or damage and replaced as soon as signs of wear and tear are evident.

It is natural for cats to stalk, chase, pounce and throw their "prey" into the air once caught. Providing cat toys which facilitate these natural instincts in your cat will allow your cat to enjoy its playtime to the fullest.