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Buying Cat Food

Feeding your fussy feline friend can seem like a challenge to many owners. Cats are renowned fussy eaters and providing a complete and balanced cat food diet may seem difficult to achieve. However, there are many high quality premium cat foods available which will provide optimal nutrition for your cat whilst still tasting great and offering many secondary benefits.

Important Nutrients in Cat Food

The basic nutrients required by cats fall into 6 general categories: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. These nutrients provide energy, allow for appropriate growth and development, strengthen and support the immune system and maintain the health and function of the body. The balance of nutrients required will vary according to the animal's age, life stage and general health needs. Imbalances in the nutrient profile of your cat's diet can cause significant disruptions to the normal growth and function of your pet, which may result in the development of clinical disease. Understanding how to meet these specific requirements requires a thorough understanding of feline nutrition and physiology quite a daunting task for most owners.

Premium quality commercial cat food makes meeting these dietary needs simple. These products provide a complete and balanced diet for your feline friend. These products will provide the required nutrients in the correct quantities, ratios and concentrations. Owners should purchase products which offer a fixed formulation based around high quality ingredients. As cats are obligate carnivores (meat eaters), high quality protein sources are essential for providing high nutritional value in a cat food.

Premium quality cat foods are available to suit a wide range of individual circumstances. They are formulated to meet the changing nutrient and energy requirements of cats at different stages of their development.

How to Choose the Right Cat Food for Your Pet

When choosing the most appropriate cat food for your cat, owners can consider the advice of animal health care professionals. Considerations include:

  • Age and life stage of the cat kitten, adult, senior, pregnant, lactating.
  • Weight is a weight reduction diet required?
  • Specific medical conditions such as urinary tract disease, dental disease, hairball control, gastrointestinal sensitivities and the like.
These considerations help owners to narrow down the appropriate choices from the wide range of cat foods available.

As noted above, cats can be fussy, finicky eaters. Consideration should be given to what formulation best suits your cats taste such as wet cat food vs dry cat food. Many of the premium quality cat foods are available in several flavours to entice most cats.

The use of high quality proteins and fats enhances the palatability of the food. The use of high quality ingredients and good energy density in commercial premium cat foods generally results in lower volumes being fed when compared to other lower-grade cat foods. Premium quality pet foods are generally highly digestible and provide good value for money due to the efficient utilisation of the nutrients by the animal and minimal wastage through eliminatory mechanisms.

An understanding that a cat is not a small dog is essential when feeding cats. Cats have differing nutrient requirements to dogs due to differing metabolic pathways. It is not appropriate to feed dog food to cats.

A Human Diet or Commercial Cat Food?

Providing a human-style diet for your cat is also inappropriate. Cats do not have the same dietary requirements as humans and some human foods will make cats sick. Whilst many owners will offer tid-bits of human foods as treats this is generally not recommended. Excesses of some foods can cause severe illness and disorders in cats. Home-made diets should only be given when prescribed and formulated by a veterinary nutritionist to specifically address your individual cat's needs.

Regardless of which cat food is chosen for your cat, the cat food should provide a complete and balanced diet and be made from high quality ingredients in order to promote the health, growth and appropriate development of your cat. Adequate fresh water should be available at all times for your cat.