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Pet Accessories for Cats

All feline companions like to be pampered. Pet accessories made specifically for cats can help fill that need!

Whether it is the necessities of life like a cat bowl and cat litter or the additional comfort of a soft comfy bed and exquisite cat tree, Trixan Pet has the pet accessories your feline friend is looking for.

After a busy day lying in the sun or chasing an unsuspecting insect, your cat will love to curl up in a plush comfortable cat bed made especially with comfort in mind. Owners can delight in the easy-care washable features of many of the pet beds at Trixan Pet.

Pet Supplies - Cat Bowls and Litter Trays

Whenever your fastidious eater comes in for a meal, you can rest assured that a high quality cat food made specifically for the life stage of your cat will satisfy your cat's needs. In our cat supplies section you will find a vast variety of flavours and cat foods to suit your cat. And of course a cat needs to eat from a stylish cat bowl. Cat bowls should be easy to clean, difficult to tip over and incredibly stylish of course! Trixan Pet has a range of cat bowls for both food and water. Single bowls, dual feeders, feeding towers and drinking reservoirs all offer individual benefits. The choice of which pet accessory suits your needs and lifestyle is made easy at Trixan Pet. It is recommended that each cat have its own food bowl to reduce the likelihood of fights over food. Obviously adequate clean fresh water must be available at all times.

When scrolling through the pet supplies available looking for cat litter and litter trays, owners should be aware of the need for privacy when cats are doing their business. Placing a litter tray in a quiet area of the home is recommended. Cats will dig to bury their droppings so it is recommended that a kitty litter tray with a lip or lid is provided. The use of a poop scoop to remove droppings regularly will encourage your cat to continue to use the tray as cats do not like to use dirty trays.

Pet Supplies - Pet Collars and Cat Enclosures

Cat collars are necessary on all cats. Having a cat collar as part of your essential pet accessories helps with identification of your cat should it go missing. Purchasing a cat collar with a quick release tab is important to ensure the animal can escape if caught on a tree branch or the like. Attaching a pet tag with the owner's contact details is thus very important. Placing several bells on the collar can also assist wildlife in hearing your cat approaching, thus reducing the chance of the wildlife being caught or injured by your cat. An added benefit of a cat collar is the ability to add style and sophistication to your feline friend. Cat collars are available in an array of colours and designs and allow you to display your cat's individuality or your own creative flair!

Cat harnesses and cat leads are optional pet accessories for those owners who like to take their indoor cat out for walks in the garden.

Cat transport carriers, pet crates, or a cat enclosure are essential pet accessories for transporting cats safely in motor vehicles.

Pet Supplies - Cat Trees and Cat Toys

One of the essential pet supplies for indoor cats is a cat tree or scratching post. These products can help save an owner's furniture from the ravages of a cat's claws. Cats may need to be trained to use these but they are certainly worthwhile and can also alleviate boredom for some cats by providing a fun adventure on the more elaborate cat trees. Attaching cat nip to these products can help entice the cat to use them. Add some playful cat toys to the mix for entertainment (for you and your cat!).

Pet Supplies - Cat Grooming

Whilst cats generally do not need washing by their owners, cat shampoos should be used if this is to be done. Human shampoos are not suitable for cats due to a difference in the pH of human and cat skin. Most owners will generally only need to brush their cats as cats are fastidious cleaners and tend to keep themselves very clean. Keep pet brushes, combs and grooming mitts in your pet supplies basket for this purpose.

Our feline friends are fastidious creatures who often love to curl up and be pampered. At Trixan Pet you will find a huge range of cat accessories to pamper your perfect feline.