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Cat Supplies

As every cat owner knows, cats have their own special needs to keep them healthy, comfortable and secure. Ensuring that every cat is set up with appropriate cat supplies prior to purchase is one way of ensuring a stress free transition for the cat to its new home.

The number and type of cat supplies and pet medications required for a home will depend on the cat, the number of cats in the household and the owner's preferences.

Essential cat supplies include cat bowls, cat food, cat litter tray, cat litter, cat pet medications, cat scratching posts, cat travel cages and cat collars.

Whilst there are a myriad of cat supply outlets, using a one-stop online pet supplies store, such as Trixan Pet can simplify the purchasing process. Ease of use of the online pet supplies system and delivery to your door can help reduce the risk of running short of essential cat supplies.

Cat Supplies - Made Especially for Cats

Why are cat supplies specifically made for cats so important? Owners need to recognise that cats are very different to humans and to dogs in their needs. The use of pet supplies specifically designed for dogs or humans may not suitably meet the cat's needs. Cats require high quality cat food, designed specifically for the individual needs of cats, which differ significantly from the needs of dogs. Cats also need to be fed and offered water in stable easy to clean, hygienic cat bowls which do not tip over easily. One of the most important cat supplies required is a cat litter tray and plenty of clean litter. Cats are fastidiously clean animals and require a specific and quiet place to do their business and often will not use a dirty litter tray or one shared with another cat. Placing a pet collar and tag on your cat is considered essential to aid in identification of the cat should it become lost or injured outside the home at any stage.

Owners also need to ensure the ongoing health and well being of their cat. Again, any pet medications must be cat specific. Cats and dogs often cannot share the same preventative medications due to differences in their metabolisms and differences in the parasites to be treated. Heartworm preventions, intestinal worming products and flea treatments and preventatives should be standard health care cat supplies purchased for your cat.

Cat Supplies for Comfort and Safety

Any cat travelling in a car, even just for a short trip to the veterinarian or boarding cattery must be restrained. Cat travel cages are ideal for this purpose. Cat enclosures which hold multiple cats are also available from cat supplies stores or some vets.

Additional cat supplies which owners could consider for the comfort of their cat include cat bedding, cat scratching posts to ensure appropriate scratching behaviours, cat pheromone products to settle anxious cats and cat grooming products such as cat specific pet shampoos and cat brushes.

The potential list of cat supplies is endless and limited only by the desires and wishes of the cat owner. Trixan Pet can satisfy these needs by providing a comprehensive selection of online cat supplies in one place, delivered directly to your door.